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Waiheke Island Septic Tanks – Alarming in June

So much rain, everyone’s tanks are alarmed at the turn our weather has taken.  Don’t panic just because your red septic tank alarm light has come one.  It could be a dirty disc filter, in which case you can either give us a call on 372 7614 or  clean it yourself (Make sure you turn the system off first, or you will get a nasty surprise).  However, quite a lot of the time it is just the rainwater (especially if you have  a sepco system as they are particularly susceptible) and doing nothing for a few hours (no longer though) can be a valid option.  If the septic is not well constructed and allows the rainwater to enter then those with drainage that relies on a pump have to pump all that water back out again.  After a big down pour this can take a bit of time!  Obviously this costs money in electricity.  Not a good situation to be in.  Don’t let the red light stay on for too long.  If the septic hasn’t managed to catch up with the extra water within an hour or two then you are running the risk of overloading the discharge pump, turn the septic off and give us a call.  These discharge pumps are expensive to replace, you don’t want to burn your pump out.

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