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Make sure all your septic maintenance is up to date before the annual influx of summer visitors.  There are some very good reasons for this warning.

Firstly, our small team expects to be frantic over summer.  We always are.  We aim to give same day service for people in trouble, and that puts a big strain on us.

Secondly the increased usage of sanitary facilities in every house and tourist establishment coupled with our natural inclination to try and save water means that more stuff is trying to move through your sewage system with less assistance from moving water.  In older septic systems this often will lead to blockages in the sewer pipes and resulting overflows.   Not what you want when the house is full of visitors.

The opposite is also true, where a house is suddenly bombarded by hoards of holiday makers using heaps of water, the huge volumes of water moving quickly though your wastewater system can stir up settled sediment, pushing it through the system and blocking filters and so on, causing blockages and resulting overflows.

So take care, and remember we are always there when you need us, but early action has to be better than later reaction!



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