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GREENACRES TRUST applications close 9 June 2017.  We fund endeavours of Waiheke Youth from single parent families from the proceeds of waste resource company Greenacres Waiheke Ltd.  Application form available online at www.greenacreswaiheke.co.nz or phone 372 7614.



We are looking for a Class 4D driver for our vacuum loading trucks working on Waiheke Island, cleaning septic tanks, grease traps and Wastewater treatment plants.  Long term stable employment in a growth industry.  Competitive wages paid and transport costs from South Auckland covered if you are not already living on Paradise island.

Phone Sylvia on 3727614

Driver Job Description


  1. Operate and drive a Vacuum loading truck, cleaning and desludging wastewater treatment systems, septic tanks, grease traps and other associated tasks and delivering the material so removed to Greenacres organic waste processing facility in a safe and careful manner, as directed by the Manager.
  2. Minor Maintenance task and checks on various wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks as directed by the manager.
  3. Delivery and maintenance of Portable toilets and mobile restrooms.
  4. Following Greenacres Site protocols when on customer’s property
  5. Completion of health and safety procedures when on customers property
  6. Complete preventative Maintenance checks as directed by the Manager on a regular basis

Each driver inspects his vehicle daily for worn camlocks, seals and valves. Weekly preventative maintenance checks are carried out for oil and water etc. A monthly inventory of the complete kit on each vehicle is carried out to ensure the vehicles can function as required.  These check sheets are filed, providing assurance these checks have been carried out on all vehicles.


Person Checking Items Being Checked Looking for Frequency of check Actions to be taken as result of check
Truck Driver Truck Leaky camlocks or seals, faulty valves worn pipes or hoses

Tyres good, lights all working, truck legal in all respects, nothing insecure on truck.

Oil, water levels good, all stickers up to date – preventative maintenance check

All gear on truck required to do job – Gear List check








Replacement of faulty items


Repairs carried out as necessary

Repairs carried out as necessary

Replacements carried out as necessary


Vehicle Checks Complete Preventative Maintenance Check list Monthly Avoid accidents, breakdowns and spillage by ensuring vehicle roadworthy.
Vehicle Checks Complete gear list check sheet weekly. Avoid wasted time, or mishandling of dangerous or contaminated substances due to inadequate access to proper tools and equipment.
  1. Assist Foreman by managing waste flows with primary screening and grit trap area while dumping
Person Checking Items Being Checked Looking for Frequency of check Actions to be taken as result of check
Truck Driver (for Foreman)


Screen Levels of contaminant Daily Shovel along shute and bag as required
Grills of Grit trap Levels of contaminant Daily Clean when clogged
Primary tanks Tank level Daily Change tanks over to avoid overflow


Dumping on site: Have assistant guide driver onto screen and position for camlocks  fixing

Secure camlocks

Check for leaks and replace faulty fittings

Start Screen and spray

Open release ball valve on back of truck

Observe Primary tank levels and change tanks over as soon as septage visible

Close ball valve on truck

Disconnect camlocks to hose, lift hose high in air and empty remaining material into screen


Hard to get truck into position


Want proper seal to avoid spillage.


Best to have this underway before load comes on from truck to avoid spillage


To avoid overfilling the tanks




To avoid spillage of remaining liquid in hose

Maintenance of Truck Offloading Area Clean grills coming off wedge, bag waste material


Move screenings through shute


Bag Screenings

Clean debris around area

Eventually the grills will clog up with hair etc., and block the pipes leading into the primary tanks.  This will cause the wedge to overflow

The screenings need time to dry in the shute, but if not moved along will form a blockage and the screen will start to put material into the grit trap

The screenings have to go to landfill

Bag all debris from within and around the shute


  1. Keep company facilities in a clean and tidy condition as directed by the foreman and manager.






We are offering long term stable employment on beautiful Waiheke Island, working in the fresh air on our organic recycling facility.  Competitive wages, transport costs from South Auckland covered if you don’t live locally.  Ring Sylvia on 372-7614 if you are keen

Machine operator Job Description


  1. Carry out such tasks as directed by the Foreman.
  2. Operate Machinery within the employers organic waste processing facility in a safe and careful manner, as directed by the Foreman including, but not limited to:
    1. Mulching of Incoming Green waste
Load green waste into mulching tub with hiab grab Grab each load and lift high over the tub, then release and allow load to drop.

Be very watchful for worn hydraulic hoses, and cease operating if a leak appears.  Replace the hose and give the worn hose to the office so a new one can be ordered

Smoking anywhere on site is not permitted

Contaminants, such as steel, should give a warning ring, and damage to the mulcher can be avoided


Avoid spillage of hydraulic fluid into the green waste


Fire Risk

Transfer load to windrows with Mulch Truck When Mulch truck full, Put Hiab Grab to resting position and drive to windrow.  Do not over fill Mulch truck.  Dump load adjacent to current windrow and heap windrow up into prescribed shape Avoid damage to hiab seals

Avoid spillage of mulched green waste on road

Grease, fuel and maintain Mulcher Rest hiab arm on pad, and grease all nipples Daily

Grease all nipples on mulcher Daily

Check sensors clean Daily

Check and replenish Fuel  and oilt generator

Avoids wear and tear on hiab and mulcher


To ensure rams returns when it comes to the end of its travel

Avoids spillage

    1. Construction and maintenance of Windrows, Monitoring, Production of Mulch and Soil Products
Push up current mulching Use front end loader or digger to push current day’s work into windrow form


Maintains windrow temperature, avoids hot spots forming (fire risk) , helps keep aerobic
Monitor windrows Daily for PH, Moisture and Temperature

Ambient Temperature and Rainfall

Smoking anywhere on site is not permitted

Helps to maintain aerobic process.  If moisture content falls below 40% Irrigate. If temperature rises above 70°C or if PH falls below 7.5 turn.


Fire Risk

Turn Windrows If PH, moisture or temperature dictate, otherwise once every 6 weeks

Using back of digger bucket work from side of windrow and load from side of windrow over the top or the windrow until it is all rotated

Keep aerobic action going, assist in breakdown of woody material.
Screening of Product


Mulch and top soil products
    1. Operation of the treatment tanks on the septage plant
    2. Maintenance of the stormwater ponds on the septage plant and irrigation fields, and on the composting windrow area
  1. Undertake such maintenance tasks on the machinery within the employers organic waste processing facility in a safe and careful manner, as directed by the Foreman including but not limited to:
Person Checking Items Being Checked Looking for Frequency of check Actions to be taken as result of check
Greenwaste Machine Operator Machinery Hydraulic leaks

Grease and Oil

Daily Repair and replace


Windrows Construction and Monitoring Daily Turning and Irrigating
Screening and Deliveries Contaminants Daily Removal from system
Labourer Stores Leaking containers, untidy work areas, tools not correctly put away, depleted stores Weekly Areas to be tidied and cleaned.  Tools returned to their proper area. Inadequate containers replaced

Depleted items to be reported for re order


  1. Complete preventative Maintenance checks as directed by the Foreman on a regular basis
  2. Complete stores inventories and keep company facilities in a clean and tidy condition as directed by the foreman.

Its simple to avoid a septic summer

The dry months are approaching and Waiheke visitors are timetabling their visits.  The Met office says rainfall will be light and your visitors escalate your wastewater production.  Is your wastewater system clean, efficient and ready?  We at Greenacres are here to help.  Call Sylvia or Robyn on 372 7614  without any obligation.

Septic Summers

Make sure all your septic maintenance is up to date before the annual influx of summer visitors.  There are some very good reasons for this warning.

Firstly, our small team expects to be frantic over summer.  We always are.  We aim to give same day service for people in trouble, and that puts a big strain on us.

Secondly the increased usage of sanitary facilities in every house and tourist establishment coupled with our natural inclination to try and save water means that more stuff is trying to move through your sewage system with less assistance from moving water.  In older septic systems this often will lead to blockages in the sewer pipes and resulting overflows.   Not what you want when the house is full of visitors.

The opposite is also true, where a house is suddenly bombarded by hoards of holiday makers using heaps of water, the huge volumes of water moving quickly though your wastewater system can stir up settled sediment, pushing it through the system and blocking filters and so on, causing blockages and resulting overflows.

So take care, and remember we are always there when you need us, but early action has to be better than later reaction!