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We are offering long term stable employment on beautiful Waiheke Island, working in the fresh air on our organic recycling facility.  Competitive wages, transport costs from South Auckland covered if you don’t live locally.  Ring Sylvia on 372-7614 if you are keen

Machine operator Job Description


  1. Carry out such tasks as directed by the Foreman.
  2. Operate Machinery within the employers organic waste processing facility in a safe and careful manner, as directed by the Foreman including, but not limited to:
    1. Mulching of Incoming Green waste
Load green waste into mulching tub with hiab grab Grab each load and lift high over the tub, then release and allow load to drop.

Be very watchful for worn hydraulic hoses, and cease operating if a leak appears.  Replace the hose and give the worn hose to the office so a new one can be ordered

Smoking anywhere on site is not permitted

Contaminants, such as steel, should give a warning ring, and damage to the mulcher can be avoided


Avoid spillage of hydraulic fluid into the green waste


Fire Risk

Transfer load to windrows with Mulch Truck When Mulch truck full, Put Hiab Grab to resting position and drive to windrow.  Do not over fill Mulch truck.  Dump load adjacent to current windrow and heap windrow up into prescribed shape Avoid damage to hiab seals

Avoid spillage of mulched green waste on road

Grease, fuel and maintain Mulcher Rest hiab arm on pad, and grease all nipples Daily

Grease all nipples on mulcher Daily

Check sensors clean Daily

Check and replenish Fuel  and oilt generator

Avoids wear and tear on hiab and mulcher


To ensure rams returns when it comes to the end of its travel

Avoids spillage

    1. Construction and maintenance of Windrows, Monitoring, Production of Mulch and Soil Products
Push up current mulching Use front end loader or digger to push current day’s work into windrow form


Maintains windrow temperature, avoids hot spots forming (fire risk) , helps keep aerobic
Monitor windrows Daily for PH, Moisture and Temperature

Ambient Temperature and Rainfall

Smoking anywhere on site is not permitted

Helps to maintain aerobic process.  If moisture content falls below 40% Irrigate. If temperature rises above 70°C or if PH falls below 7.5 turn.


Fire Risk

Turn Windrows If PH, moisture or temperature dictate, otherwise once every 6 weeks

Using back of digger bucket work from side of windrow and load from side of windrow over the top or the windrow until it is all rotated

Keep aerobic action going, assist in breakdown of woody material.
Screening of Product


Mulch and top soil products
    1. Operation of the treatment tanks on the septage plant
    2. Maintenance of the stormwater ponds on the septage plant and irrigation fields, and on the composting windrow area
  1. Undertake such maintenance tasks on the machinery within the employers organic waste processing facility in a safe and careful manner, as directed by the Foreman including but not limited to:
Person Checking Items Being Checked Looking for Frequency of check Actions to be taken as result of check
Greenwaste Machine Operator Machinery Hydraulic leaks

Grease and Oil

Daily Repair and replace


Windrows Construction and Monitoring Daily Turning and Irrigating
Screening and Deliveries Contaminants Daily Removal from system
Labourer Stores Leaking containers, untidy work areas, tools not correctly put away, depleted stores Weekly Areas to be tidied and cleaned.  Tools returned to their proper area. Inadequate containers replaced

Depleted items to be reported for re order


  1. Complete preventative Maintenance checks as directed by the Foreman on a regular basis
  2. Complete stores inventories and keep company facilities in a clean and tidy condition as directed by the foreman.

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